Touring Professionals

Our professionals are full-time tour players who compete at the highest levels of golf.  They know how to play well under immense pressure and live for the competition. Their knowledge of the game from a player perspective is unparalleled. It is remarkable to see first-hand how our pros use their experience to analyze any golf course.

By observing and discussing the strategies and approaches our pros use to tackle different golf courses and tricky situations on the course, you will learn techniques that can help you elevate your game. Have you ever hit the ball well on the driving range, but struggled to translate it onto the course? With their depth of experience, our pros can explain and demonstrate how to do this and, better yet, how to improve your overall technique.  While it is important to hone your technique on the driving range, on-course training from our pros will help you translate that technique into improving your score.

Where do our professionals compete?

PGA Tour, Tour, European Tour,Champions Tour, LPGA Tour, PGA Tour Canada, Challenge Tour, PGA Tour Latinoamérica, & Symetra Tour

PPG Touring Professionals Examples

Touring Professionals are not limited to the players listed below. PPG pulls from a wide range of players for events and can provide special requests for players. Please add a message at the bottom of the booking form to request players. All golf days are based on player availability.

Our Founding Touring Professional Staff