Private Professional Golf

Sandy Springs Mission 17

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August 28th, 2017

Tour ProAm Format

One Tour Pro will be paired with two amateurs and compete in a modified scramble best ball format. Tour Pros will play their own ball out and the amateurs will play a modified scramble. Amateurs will choose the best tee shot between all amateurs and their tour professional partner, then amateurs will continue to scramble until their ball is holed. Amateur may use the tour pro's second shot only if they choose his tee shot. Each hole will be scored by combining the tour pro's score and the score of the amateurs. Both amateurs and professionals will have par as their partner, thus making the worst score a group make is par. 

Example 1st Hole (Par 4):  Tour Pro 3 (-1) + Amateur Scramble 3 (-1) = Team total of 6 (-2)

Birdies for the Mission

The Tour Pros will make as many birdies as they can for 18 holes. All four tour pros birdie totals will be combined to establish the number of birdies made for the mission. Pledges are made on each birdie the tour pros make. Eagles count as 2 birdies. 

Example Pledge: $5 per birdie pledge with a 25 birdie total equals a $125 donation to the mission.