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Sandy Spings Mission 2018 Home


Make Your Pledge to the Mission for Every Birdie Four Tour Players Make in Eighteen Holes

Four professional golfers will play 18 holes at the Golf Club of Georgia on Friday, June 15th and try to make as many birdies as they can for the mission. Funds will be raised upon pledges that you make for every birdie the tour players make combined. The expected number of birdies is around 25 birdies. We will cap the donation at 35 birdies per person, but if the tour players make more than 35 birdies, pledgers are able to go beyond the cap with consent. 

There are a number of limited spots to play alongside these tour players at The Golf Club of Georgia. Experience you very own private pro/am and help raise funds for the foundation. Please contact Derek Oakey ( for details. 


Tour Players

This year, the four tour players will be guys that call Atlanta home. These tour players play some of the top tours around the world including the PGA Tour, European Tour, Tour, and Challenge Tour. There have been numerous major championship appearances between these great players. 



We believe academic success is essential for both our children’s future and that of our community. With a diploma in hand, success is within reach, and everything is possible. The Sandy Springs Mission (the Mission) is dedicated to helping and inspiring Latino students from the Sandy Springs community.  As a faith-based, 501(c) 3 organization, we provide year-round academic enrichment and Christian character building programs that are designed to transform the hearts and minds of our students.

Birdies for the Kids supports the Summer Program

The highlight of our children’s summer, this 3-week program for children in 1st through 8th grades is aimed to sharpen children’s academic skills during the critical summer months by providing reading drills, math games and language arts activities.But it’s not all work.  The children enjoy all sorts of fun-- arts and crafts, games and relay races, tennis, basketball, soccer and other sports.  There are field trips to God’s Farm, Sparkles Skating Center, Six Flags, and more.

There are also STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) opportunities woven into the camp.  We want to ensure all of our students are exposed and, hopefully, inspired by STEM.   Using our Mobile Computer Classroom (a cart with 25 MacBook Air Computers), we bring technology to the students.  For our younger students, this exposure is most likely accessing online academic games but for our older students, we offer a variety of coding classes. 

Summer camp offers a high-energy, action-packed few weeks designed to prepare the kids for the return to school in August. 

Suggested Pledge Levels

$1 Per Birdie - No Level is too small!

$3 Per Birdie

$5 Per Birdie

$10 Per Birdie

$20 Per Birdie

$50 Per Birdie

$100+ Per Birdie - Sponsor Level

$500+ Per Birdie - Presenting Sponsor Level

$1000+ Per Birdie - Event Title Sponsor Level

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Limited opportunities are available to play with the tour pros.
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